Sen. Bob Corker : A bill to require the President to report to Congress on issues related to Syria.

Corker is a Republican Senator representing Tennessee in his most recently sponsored bills reguires Obama administration for more information about Syria

112th Congress, 2011–2012. Text as of Mar 22, 2012 (Introduced).

To require the President Obama to report to Congress on issues related to Syria.

This bill or resolution is in the first stage of the legislative process. It was introduced into Congress on March 22, 2012. It will typically be considered by committee next.

This bill Directs the President to report to Congress regarding:

opposition groups operating inside or outside of Syria to oppose the Syrian government.

the size and security of conventional and non-conventional weapons stockpiles in Syria.

The oposition report required:
(A) An assessment of the current military capacity of opposition forces.

(B) An assessment of the ability of opposition forces inside and outside of Syria to establish military and political activities impacting Syria, together with a practicable timetable for accomplishing these objectives.

(C) An assessment of the ability of any of the opposition groups to establish effective military and political control in Syria.

(D) A description of the composition and political agenda of each of the known opposition groups inside and outside of Syria, and an assessment of the degree to which such groups represent the views of the people of Syria as a whole.

(E) A description of the financial resources currently available to opposition groups and known potential sources of continued financing.

(F) An assessment of the relationship between each of the Syrian opposition groups and the Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, and any other groups that have promoted an agenda that would negatively impact United States national interests.

Weapons Stockpiles report required:

A) A description of who has or may have access to the stockpiles.

(B) A description of the sources and types of weapons flowing from outside Syria to both government and opposition forces.

(c) Form- The reports required by this section may be submitted in a classified form, but shall include an unclassified summary.

This bill has a 1% chance of being enacted. The following factors were considered:

The sponsor is a member of the minority party. (-2%)

Just 3% of all Senate bills in 2009–2010 were enacted.

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