Scam Emails and London Olympic 2012

Fraudulent companies/individuals claiming to be associated with London 2012.

London 2012's name has been abused in relation to some email scams and other fraudulent or inappropriate conduct and published many details of known scams.Scam emails try to persuade the email receiver to submit personal information or to part with money as an up front payment in order to release a prize.

London 2012 recognises the importance of online security and encourages web users to act safely online and adviced.

Stay safe online:

  1. Ticketing website checker

If you are applying for London 2012 tickets, you can use our online website checker to ensure the site you are using is an Authorised Ticket Reseller.

       2.Tips to stay safe online

  • Install anti-virus software on your PC

When you connect to the Internet, your PC is exposed to the risk of infection from viruses. Viruses can attack via websites, email attachments or by spreading from computer to computer.

  • Use a firewall on your PC

A firewall is a programme that blocks unwanted traffic between your PC and the internet. It is designed to stop incoming viruses attacking your computer and to block unauthorised programmes on your computer accessing other machines over the Internet.

  • Block spyware on your PC

Spyware is a general term for hidden programs on your PC that invade your privacy. They gather data about you and send it over the Internet without your permission. Spyware can hijack your web browser and display unwanted pop-up advertising on your computer. There are several free anti-spyware programs available you can find these via your search engine of choice.

  • Protect yourself against online fraud

Often called 'Phishing', fraudsters may 'fish' for your personal details. Such attempts can appear as an email appearing to be from a reputable company. Within the email you may be encouraged to click a link to a fraudulent page designed to either to capture your details or to download unauthorised software onto your PC.

  • Procurement

If you are approached by someone stating that they can get your business on to a London 2012 procurement list or something similar, we recommend that you decline the offer and do not pay them anything.