Russian Mobile Smartphones Malware: Cell phone money laundering and how does it work

In Russia most of the cell phone SIM cards are prepaid cards. One of the Russian operators offers a legal service that allows SIM prepaid users to transfer the prepaid money to a bank account.

This particular service is misused by cyber criminals. Cybercriminals are using the service to obtain money. Denis Maslennikov has provided a podcast about cell phone money laundering.

3 popular types of cell phones replenishing

  1. Malware blocks computer to pay ransom

  2. Malware malicious Trojans that sends SMS messages and transfers money

  3. Create SMS spam campaign asking for credentials

You can hear his podcast here. Or enjoy the presentation showed below.

In the mobile malware sector, the second half of 2009 and the first half of 2010 can be described as a period of time during which malware actively exploited the Internet to achieve its dubious goals. Why is it happening? What kind of malware uses the Internet? Are there any prerequisites for the emergence of mobile botnets? Do mobile botnets already exist? Answers to all of these questions will be given in the presentation


106A: Why Mobile and Security Don't Mix -- Yet
106B: Profiting from Mobile Malware, Russian Style

The first session sets the stage and the challenges for both mobile carriers and security companies to prevent data breaches or enterprise IT attacks. The second session illustrates how Russian cybercriminals are utilizing mobile malware to generate profits and take advantage of Russian laws.

SPEAKERS: Denis Maslennikov, Senior Malware Analyst, Kaspersky Lab Patrick Traynor, Assistant Professor, Georgia Tech