The Punjab National Bank LuckNow cybercrime attack - money gone missing

 The Punjab National Bank has been under an cybercrime attack - The hackers have stolen an X amount of money from the Punjab National Bank members. 


  1. It's been more than 24 hrs since I emailed my #cybercrimecomplaint to bank HQs, n one has responded to it.
  2. Tomoro noon I intend to go to 'Anti-#cybercrime cell' set up by#Lucknow police n lodge complaint against my bank.
  3. #cybercrime: Didn't file police complaint yet as I wanted some bank response after 24 hrs of filing bank complaint.
  4. Update #cybercrime: My bank official tells me today to wait-n-watch as my complaint has gone to their bank HQs. No assurances.
  5. Update #cybercrime: Called up Punjab National Bank to check my complaint status on money stolen frm my acct. Response: complaint fwded
  6. @adityaseth Ya, I know. Am working to get some +tive results soon.
  7. @andaleebwajid Ya, I am working on it. I expect to get my money back in my acct.
  8. @andaleebwajid Hi, ya, many things have to work out here. I expect to get my money back in my acct n more. #cybercrime
  9. @sarthak Hi, the bank is Punjab National Bank. Don't know abt OTP. I just use login passwrd n trasaction passwrd. #cybercrime
  10. @anuragkumarlko Yes, I am waiting fr concrete answers by today 12 noon. Then next step.
  11. As things stand, by 12 pm today, it'll will b 24 hrs since my#cybercrime complaint has been sitting in my bank. Fingers Xsd.
  12. Hussainganj Police hav said that since Internetbanking is involvd, then my bank has to tell where is my money. #cybercrime
  13. Hussainganj Police were emphatic that if ATM was involvd in my illegal funds transfer then it was clear fraud /'tthagi'. #cybercrime
  14. By eveng 6 pm yestrday, I discusd my #cybercrime complaint with Hussainganj Police in whose area my bank is located.
  15. By 3.30 pm yesterday, I had emailed my #cybercrime complaint to chief manager of my bank in #lucknow n bank's central complaint IDs.
  16. Yesterday arnd 12 pm, my #lucknow bank had emailed their Mumbai office that #cybercrime has been done in my acct n to do the needful.
  17. My bank has told me that money frm my acct has gone to their central pooling acct. They had bettr hav gd answers today.#cybercrime
  18. My bank has accepted that it is #cybercrime that money has gone frm my acct without my knowledge. Now next question-WHERE?
  19. I intend to get my bank to tell me today where my money has gone from my acct and transferred to which acct. #cybercrime


One of those victims is Raza Hasnain Naqvi - he has been tweeting about the proces with the Punjab National Bank.

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