Protecting Critical National Infrastructure from the Cyber Threat

First of all I want to thank Defence iQ for organizing the Cyber Security 2011 event at Le Plaza, Brussels, Belgium and I also thank the speakers at the event and the people that were attending the event. I believe that the Cyber security 2011 event was a great networking opportunity and that it helped to create a better understanding about the Cyber Security world. I also believe that such events can build a trusted environment for the governments and that it will help to achieve transparency.


The Cyber Security 2011 event was hosted by Defence iQ at the beautiful Le Plaza hotel in Brussels. It was easy to find and as you entered the building you were welcomed by the friendly Defence iQ team. During the event you had the chance to take a look at some products from the event sponsors.

The event included these highlights:
An insight into the serious threats and IT incidents that governments are facing and how they respond/prevent it.

Understanding how nations such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway are improving their national cyber security through improved working relationships with private sector companies.

The latest legal trends in cyberspace arising from international incidents such as Stuxnet and Conficker and what they have meant for the rules surrounding aspects such as data exchange, attribution, early warning and self-defence.

Please feel free to take a look at the Prezi slideshow that I made about the Cyber Security Event hosted by Defence iQ. (Click on more -> Autoplay)