Presentations from the workshop: Botnets, Measurement, Detection, Disinfection and Defence

The European Network and Information Security Agency

The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) is an agency of the European Union. ENISA was created in 2004 by EU Regulation No 460/2004 and is fully operational since September 1st, 2005. It has its seat in HeraklionCrete (Greece).

Their objective

The objective of ENISA is to improve network and information security in the European Union. The agency has to contribute to the development of a culture of network and information security for the benefit of the citizens, consumers, enterprises and public sector organisations of the European Union, and consequently will contribute to the smooth functioning of the EU Internal Market.

ENISA is managed by the Executive Director, and supported by a staff composed of experts representing stakeholders such as the information and communication technologies industry, consumer groups and academic experts. The Agency is overseen by the Management Board, which is composed of representatives from the EU Member States, the EU Commission and other stakeholders. The Permanent Stakeholders Group was established by and gives advice to the Executive Director.

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ENISA has been so kind to publish their presentations on botnets, measurement, detection, disinfection and defence. 


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Keynote by Dr. Jens Tölle, Head of Cyber Defence Group at Fraunhofer FKIE

Anti-Botnet Policy Initiatives 1


Mümin Gözenoglu
Randolph Morawe
Willi Herzig BSI
Ömer Hasret
Virginia Aguilar

 Ivo Ivanov, eco

Lauri Aasmann, CCD COE

Alain Pannetrat, CNIL


Keynote by Prof. Udo Helmbrecht, Executive Director of ENISA

First Presentation of ENISA’s Botnet Report Findings

Botnets Policy Statement Discussion Session
Led by Michael Meier, as part of European Public Private Partnership (EP3R)

Industry View on Fighting Botnets 1

Research and Academia Fighting Botnets

Industry View on Fighting Botnets 2

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