OSINT: Real time satellite tracking

During my search on the internet i stumbled upon a real time satellite tracking service. This service provides an interface were you can follow several satallites.

Want to know what satellites are cruising the sky above you at this moment? You couldĀ list all of them, but be aware that there could be many and the page may load slow. Alternately, you could click on any of the links below to refine the list by category. Not all satellites are visible for your eyes at this time. In order to be seen satellites must be above your horizon, and illuminated by Sun. Most of them are very faint and you may need a pair of binoculars. In addition the sky must be dark, with low light pollution and free of clouds, if possible.

Amateur radio Beidou Navigation System Brightest CubeSats
Disaster monitoring Earth resources Education Engineering
Experimental Galileo Geodectic Geostationary
Globalstar Glonass Operational GOES Gorizont
GPS Operational Intelsat Iridium ISS
Military Molniya Navy Navigation Satellite System NOAA
Orbcomm Radar Calibration Raduga Russian LEO Navigation
Satellite-Based Augmentation System Search & rescue Space & Earth Science Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System
TV Weather XM and Sirius

Source: http://www.n2yo.com

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