#OpGlobalBlackout: A message to Anonymous from OP

Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.And as Anonymous said so well; you only need to look in the miror.While looking in the mirror, one must see a more suttle enemy; anger and strife. The last thing this world need, is another war, even virtual. 

Violence only begets violence. No war is a good war and no peace is a bad peace. It truly is a state of mind. But beware, War and Power is a bad wine. What feels good is not necesserly right. Heroin feels good, yet it is not. Ponder over this if you must.
At some point or another, while defending what is right, anonymous will become what they hate and enable their enemy to achieve their goal.

It is time Anonymous understand something very important; 

Know your enemy. Sun Tzu was right. All warfare is based on deception. This is why anonymous must dismantle while it still can and step away from any vandalism acts what so ever. It is not the way to victory. It was the way of revealing. That is over now.

What had to be revealed has been revealed. Now, know this to be true;


those who are accountable will be held accountable but not by Anonymous. Vandalism, even virtual, will only lead to an escalation of means and this vehicule has been seen down the road many times before. If they do not know how to stop, please do!
Just like prohibition, SOPA created a reaction. As history repeats itself, Anonymous is not exempt from the same mistakes other similar gatherings made in the past.
While you should not put blind fate in government, you should not put blind fate in Anonymous either. You are still young; stop putting yourself in harms way, they will only be cruel to you. Turn away now, fools!
If this was but a honypot leading to common sense, then for the love of God, it was worth it.