New "Spider living inside of her skin" malware spreading on Facebook

Today one of my friends send me a link with containing a "video" that will show how a girl has a spider living inside of her skin. This kind of videos are popular amongst youngsters and are very likely to go viral on Facebook.

The bad part about this "video" is that it did not contain a video at all. It is just another application that needs acces to your personal information.Once you click on the link the malware will auto like it with your account.

Once you click on the link you will be redirected to the "video" website. ( Link is still alive.

At the moment you are at the website they will show you a Facebook spoofed webpage.

After you click on the "play" link they will ask permission to install malware.

I skipped this step because it will only lead to deleting the application again.

Beware of this Facebook Spider Video malware and share the article with your friends or network.

The video of the spider image ;)

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