New IBM X-Force Report highlights progress in cyber security,Video

The IBM X-Force 2011 Trend and Risk Report is based on intelligence gathered by one of the industry's leading security research teams through its research of public vulnerability disclosures findings from more than 4,000 clients, and the monitoring and analysis of an average of 13 billion events daily in 2011.

Manager IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence and Strategy covers some of the security trends from the first half of 2011.


There has been a rise in new attack trends and an array of significant, widely reported external network and security breaches. As malicious attackers become increasingly savvy, the IBM X-Force documented increases in three key areas of attack activity.

  • Attacks targeting shell command injection vulnerabilities more than double
  • Spike in automated password guessing
  • Increase in phishing attacks that impersonate social networking sites and mail parcel services