New Age Cyber Gangs: Rappers & Gangsters bring the street to the internet

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New Age Cyber Gangs are posting videos, pictures and messages on several social media networks. The latest victim that got hit is RoseMoe700. He got shot after he posted an video online about how he knocked the Hip Hop rapper The Game in the Mall. 

People are dying because of the reactions or messages they post on the internet. It seems like these new age cyber gangs are turfing up their ground on the internet. 

Here you can see the report of  Fox News reports on the death of RoseMoe700. 

RoseMoe700 his video before he died. 

There are a lott of websites where you can find what happends in the streets. One of these websites is

On Worldstarhiphop you can find an video of ICE-T defending his gun rights. There is a big majority of people that visit worldstarhiphop. From simple interviews like the one with ICE-T there are fights and other videos that will catch your eye. 


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