NATO Cyber Defence Monitoring Solutions course

NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence gives Last free slots for the training courses.

Cyber Defence Monitoring Solutions course will take place 16-20 April and Security Events Management course 23-24 April.The registration is open and four slots are currently available in both course.

During the Cyber Defence Monitoring Solutions course, the participants will study a number of important Cyber Defence Monitoring techniques and solutions. We will focus on event logging and collection with syslog protocol, regular expression language and its applications to system/network monitoring, event correlation, and finally network intrusion detection and prevention. This course provides an intermediate level of knowledge to participants since 9 topics are covered during one week. Knowledge provided in this course is extensively used during the Security Events Management course, thus taking both courses is highly recommended for unskilled attendants.

The Security Events Managing course introduces students to SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems, gives an understanding about the complexity of SIM/SEM projects, identifies requirements and steps to successfully develop these kinds of projects. The participants can put this knowledge into practice with hands-on exercises using OSSIM (OpenSource SIM) tool in a virtualised system scenario.