A Message To Anonymous from Team Matrix

 Greetings anonymous, We are team matrix. For many months our hacking group has sat back and watched your actions. We have decided that the time has come, a time that you have been waiting for, a time that could go down in history. We have decided to go to war, a war that will change everything, you know this. We have been watching your every move, even with the use of your proxys, VPN and your beloved tor network. you have tried to hide and cover your tracks, but you have failed.

You have tried to stay anonymous, but you have failed. you have tried to convince the world of your actions, but you have failed. in the very near future team matrix will slowly but surely dismantle your online presence with very little effort. we would like to clarify that there is no where to hide, there is no where to run and there is no firewall that will stop us. We know who you are, we know how you work, we know how to stop you.

your actions represent those of people who hack for a reason they believe in and that is exactly what we are going to do. You may think you are untouchable, you may think you can bully people and take the law into your own hands. you may think this is a joke, but you couldn't be more incorrect. we are simply the individuals who hack the hackers, the people you dread to meet on the internet. We have already defaced one of your affiliated sites, we will continue our attacks until we are satisfied. we will continue to target the anonymous community on face book and every website linked to anonymous.

we will take down any websites you use to assist you in operations, then finally we will start revealing identities to the public. You do not scare us and there is nothing you can do to us that hasn't already happened. For many years your actions have ironicly started an epic battle of computer skills, a game if you wish, a game we will win. we hope, almost pray that you heed this warning, as sometime soon you will meet us. anonymous, the game has begun.

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