Message From Adiga Hackers To State of Israel : Expect us 2012

Adiga Hackers or Anonymous kavkaz Organization fighting the unjust and corrupt sites and contains 100 of kavkaz hackers as it calls for a revolution against injustice, And Russia corruption And Anti sochi Olympics and the right of oppressed peoples to return its land occupied expect Anonymous Attacks and the Kavkaz Revulotion,Facebook Anonymous Kavkaz Group Profile.

Adiga Hackers post few more Video on youtube Titeled;Message from Adiga hackers To The Kavkaz nation,Adiga Hackers/ Attacks Russian Bank and Get it Down,Expect the revolution 21 May,Revolution freedom day for Kavkaz...

The group related to Caucasus Center maybe! Kavkaz Center is the news portal of the Caucasian Emirate, a militant network aiming to establish an Islamist state in the Caucasus. The organisation is banned in Russia, and it is on the United States List of Most Wanted Terrorist Organizations!