Marcus Ranum on cyberwar, critical infrastructure protection

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Cyberwarfare is only a tool for powerful nation states, according to Marcus Ranum, chief security officer of Tenable Network Security. Smaller countries won’t use cyberweapons, Ranum said, because the threat looms that more powerful nation states will retaliate with conventional weapons. 


“It’s only a useful technique for a side that was going to win a real war anyway,” Ranum said in an interview with “Things always tend to work out in the favor of the most powerful.”

Ranum said he is deeply concerned in the “militarization of cyberspace,” but is more troubled by other unconventional tactics, like the use of predator drones and other robotics to attack the enemy. Ranum explains why Stuxnet validates his premise and describes the problems that stem from the use of cyberweapons. 


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