Major General Commander: Iran Ready to Dispatch Peacekeepers to Crisis-Hit Regions

A senior Iranian military commander said that the Islamic Republic Army's peacekeeping unit is fully ready to be dispatched by the UN to war zones.

Speaking to FNA, Commander of the Iranian Army Major General Ataollah Salehi said the Islamic Republic Army's peacekeeping unit which is a part of the Ground Force, has undergone proper training and is fully ready for active missions now.

"The UN, too, runs periodic training and survey programs for the unit and all of these moves are being carried out inside Iran," Salehi stated.

He further said that the Army has dispatched individual troops to UN peacekeeping missions in previous years, but has not sent a complete unit to such missions so far.

"But we are ready to dispatch our peacekeeping unit to any country if needed and upon coordination with relevant bodies."

A number of Iranian officers are now serving peacekeeping missions in the Darfur region.