LulzSec Hacks Military Dating Website,Operation Digiturk

The website has apparently been hacked by LulzSec Reborn, exposing user information on 170,000 members.

LulzSec, associated with hacking group Anonymous, is still up to tricks after its leader and members were arrested earlier this month.

A group calling themselves LulzSecReborn has posted names, usernames, passwords, and emails of 170,937 accounts on on Pastebin.

The hack was announced on Twitter earlier today by Operation Digiturk ,usernames, e-mail addresses, IP addresses, and passwords has been dumped on the Internet.

Commenting on the breach, the Office of Inadequate Security said: “If you know a member of the military who uses or has used the site, do them a favor and suggest they change their password on any site where they may have reused it – including their email account.”

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