LinkedIn users targeted in phishing scam after hack

LinkedIn users have been targeted by email scams after hackers leaked more than six million user passwords online.

Emails designed to look like they were sent by the social-network website asked users to "confirm" their email address by clicking a link.

However, the link took unsuspecting recipients to a site selling counterfeit drugs.

Dating website e-Harmony has also admitted that a "small fraction" of its users' passwords have been leaked.

Approximately 1.5 million passwords from the US-based relationship site were posted online, reported Ars Technica.

The company said on its blog that it had reset the passwords of the affected users, who would receive an email with instructions on how to set new passwords.

On Wednesday it was revealed that 6.4 million passwords from LinkedIn had been posted on a Russian web forum, along with a message encouraging other hackers to help decrypt the "hashed" data.

Affected LinkedIn users have been told they will receive instructions in an email - but not with a link - on how to change their details.

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