The LinkedIn guide paper: How to make LinkedIn work for you

Welcome – the goal of this guide book is to let LinkedIn work for you. Are you a student, entrepreneur or employee? Anything is good!

LinkedIn is a great platform to network and share knowledge with each other – you can create groups, promote jobs and much more. This is all beneficial for you – If you use LinkedIn right of course.
LinkedIn is a social network platform but the difference that it makes with facebook, hyves, myspace etc. is that it is professional orientated – On LinkedIn you focus on the business aspects of your life.
That means that there are some rules to follow
You can use facebook or any other type of social networking site to add your friends on and keep in touch with them. When you are getting connected on LinkedIn, keep in mind to who you connect to.
For example: I’m the CEO of and it would work against me if I would accept friends on my LinkedIn page.
That is because of the fact: With my friends I hang out and relax with – take picture when I am partying and I discuss personal stuff with them.
  • ·         Don’t add or accept just everyone. (Keep them in your field)
  • ·         Don’t use LinkedIn as you use Facebook etc.
  • ·         Don’t post personal stuff online at LinkedIn. (Keep it professional)
If you want to start a group on LinkedIn keep in mind that you only accept the people that are in the field of interest of your group.
I advice to make it a closed group – were you accept the people after moderation.
The users must have:
  • ·         An updated LinkedIn profile.
  • ·         A picture.
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