Ligatt Security: Gregory D. Evans providing his services again

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Gregory D. Evans is active again, i just received the e-mail below in my inbox. First it was Joe Black that almost tricked me and now Gregory D. Evans is trying to trick me. Noobs. 

If you search google for Gregory D. Evans you will find his website on the number one page up in Google. A lot of people won't look further and just click on the first available link. But if you look further you will see that he is a Fraux!. We continue by using our friend Google again and we search for Gregory D. Evans Ligatt. The results that show up give us the information that our gangster Gregory D. Evans is a wankster. You can read a full disclosure about him on this website. - Gregory D. Evans 


Ex- hacker to company owner, Gregory Evans should be your next interview.  As you know, hacking has dominated international headlines lately.  News of the World in the UK just shut down after allegations of hacking.  The group Anonymous claimed to hack into Apple over the weekend.  Computer hackers also shut down al-Qaeda's ability to communicate its messages to the world through the Internet, according to a terrorism expert.  Mr. Evans can expound on what's going on and how your audience can protect themselves on the internet.  

Mr. Evans, managed to successfully hack major companies like ATT, MCI and Sprint.  He made more than one million dollars a week in the late 90's but a judge ordered him to pay back nearly 10 million dollars after serving time in prison.  

Now, Evans shares what he's learned in the hacking world with others to help prevent them from becoming victims.  He owns companies like and Hi-Tech Crime Solutions.  He's spoken at numerous college campuses across the country and appeared on various national radio and television shows, reaching an audience of more than 20 million. 

He would love to serve as a computer expert for you.  He has experience in everything from computer hacking, online predators, cyber stalking/ bullying and identify theft.

Please contact me anytime to set up an interview with Evans.  You can review more of his accomplishments at  We will be happy to meet your needs at anytime.  You can contact me, Johnell Johnson the public relations director for Evans, at [email protected] or call me at (404) 713-0138.  You may also Skype me at lsi_prjohnson.  Thanks for you time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.  


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