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"Greetings, free people of the Internet.
We are Anonymous.

On June 15th, 2012, the Japanese government finally succeeded in arresting the last remaining fugitive of the 1995 Tokyo sarin gas attack. Naturally, this was a major news event in Japan, and it dominated the headlines and major news outlets for several days.

While this story was playing out in the mainstream media, however, another equally newsworthy event occurred quietly in the background. The Japanese government amended the nation's copyright code to criminalize the downloading of copyrighted material, and the ripping of DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. Those found guilty of knowingly downloading or ripping face a two year prison sentence or a fine roughly equivalent to 25,000USD.

The disproportionality of these punishments are reason enough for concern, but the haste and secrecy with which this law was pushed through without debate, using the cover of a major news event to hide it from the eyes of the public, is despicable and reveals the full extent of the Japanese government's cowardice, contempt for the basic principles of democracy, and lack of respect for its own citizens.

While some may point out that such a law is difficult to enforce, the fact that these punishments are written into law has already encouraged major content and copyright groups to seek more intrusive monitoring and surveillance powers over the internet, in the name of pursuing downloaders. Proposals have already been made by these copyright groups to force ISPs to use intrusive spying systems to block the transfer of copyrighted content, without consideration for the cost or the violation of privacy such a system would entail. This is unacceptable to Anonymous, and we will not allow those who encouraged and abetted the creation of this law or this unjust spying regime to go unpunished. For these reasons, we have chosen to begin Operation Japan. Legitimate targets are the Democratic Party of Japan, the Liberal Democratic Party, and the New Komeito party for voting these punishments into law, as well as The Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers and The Recording Industry Association of Japan for pushing the government to adopt these excessive measures.

For those in government and industry in Japan who feel it is justified to send your own citizens to jail for the mere act of downloading files, prepare yourselves.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect Us"

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