Israel will ‘set time for its end’ if it attacks Iran, Iranian Foreign Minister warns

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Minister Ali Akbar Salehi warned on Thursday that any Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear installations would lead to the annihilation of the regime in a week.Reported NMA

“If Israel ever, ever makes this mistake - that will set the time for the end of Israel. The Israelis are well aware of this,” Salehi told the Danish television TV2.

“What is Israel?,” said Salehi. “It is so small that it wouldn’t last one week in a real war. Not even one week.”

Salehi, the former director of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, said Iran would respond “very forcefully” if its nuclear sites come under attack by Israel.

Iranian Parliament speaker Ali Larijani also said on Saturday that “Israel would not dare to attack Iran.”

The regime will not “play with its destiny” by attacking a great power like Iran, Larijani stated.

The chances of a military strike against Iran this year are receding because of the success of a joint Israeli-US cyber attack on the country’s nuclear facilities, according to officials and analysts with knowledge of the clandestine operation.

Israel, with US help, had set up a model of the Iranian nuclear process at Dimona, the Israeli nuclear arms development centre in the Negev desert, to test a sophisticated destructive programme.Publishe New York Times 

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