Iranian researcher offers computerized model to prevent distributed attacks

An Iranian Amir Kabir University of Technology student has designed computerized model to protect data from being hacked.

Parisa Kaghazgaran who holds MA in Information Technology Engineering said recognition of infiltration into computer system needs gathering and analyzing data to find its signs.

She said the gathered data may include people and systems' sensitive and confidential information and organizations of concerned about any leak.

The researcher added that recognition of collaborative infiltration in which several systems are trying to recognize the distributed attacks needs data sharing.

According to Kaghazgaran, results of the research can be used in all industries which are in need of analysis of distributed and confidential data for progress and development.

She said the research seeks making a "tree of decision" as the commonly-used way for data analysis of distributed data, so that the three is used as a model to recognize infiltration.

Any of the data sources extracts required information from its data system for calculations and encode the homomorphic through the process of encoding. The encoded data would be exchanged between the sides for required calculations to create tree of decision.