Iranian hacked 3 million credit cards and escaped from Iran

Iran Government newsagency published on wednesday that hacker of threemillion bank cards in Iran escaped abroad.

Early this week Iran Central bank advised credit card holders to change password while a rumor were about the many banks are hacked.

Iranian cyberpolice (FATA) contacted interpol for arresting a man and return him to Iran wrote newspaper.

Central Bank published on wednesday that there no risk for card holder and no money is stolen.

He worked at a computer security and payment service provider company who administrated credit cards in Iran and without any reason he started hacking the data and published some names and now escaped and there is no fear for customers(iribnews).

According the news agency high officer of Iran cyberpolice told we are busy to find his location and with cooperating of interpol bring him back to Iran for his cybercrime and breaking company trust. 


Persian BBC Interviewed with  Iranian hacker and told he just wanted to expose the vulnerability of Iranian banking system and he had warnned the ceo's.

As computer security expert i audit and scaned vulnerabilities of ATM and banks i'm not a cyber criminal.



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