Iranian Cyberarmy start Wide Cyber Attack on Iranian reformist activists and journalists

Arab Net Work reports Early hours of Sunday morning of 5-2-2012, the Iranian security forces start a wide cyber attack on reformist activists and journalists websites on the Internet.

Number of reformist activists websites and thier Email accounts who are residing in different countries, was hacked on Sunday.with the first anniversary of the house arrest of Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, Iran's two opposition leaders, who proceeded to launch street protests,These attacks are run by "Cyber ​​army" is a group called under the Islamic Republic of Iran's security institutions and  have been established to combat the activities of reformist activists on Internet.

Since the protests after Iran's presidential election two years ago,state officials say they are faced with software and Internet space combat just one of the areas of conflict are introduced.
Earlier, one of the sites in the conservative press had announced that cyber activists affiliated to the security forces are receiving money for every hour worked.