Iran Internet Bandwidth 500 GB/S

Iran Minister of Communications and Information Technology Reza Taghipur, referring to 16 times the bandwidth capacity in recent years, said: Broadband Internet now has 500 GB/s.

According to ISNA,in Iran's top hundred companies conference, many data hosted overseas which is not desirable,said Minister. 

Minister said: Iran's top hundred companies in the classification of the three , telecommunications, mobile communications and Irancel services &Iran MTN communication lines, respectively, sixth, eleventh and tweny-third achieved.

Telecommunication Company of Iran's sales in 1389 reached 64 thousand and 185 billion Rials. MTN mobile communications and sales were over 41 thousand and 66 thousand and 101 billion Rials.

Also among the top hundred companies of Iran Telecommunication Company of Iran's has highest profitability. Mobile communications company also won third place in this field.

Mobile Telecommunications Company of Iran Telecommunication Company of Iran, respectively between the first and second lines of the market value index scored. The employment index, the Telecommunication Company of Iran won the fourth category.

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