Iran Cyberpolice blocked access to the major sites

Iran Cyberpolice Shutdown Google ,Yahoo & other Major sites using Https Protocol.Iran Cyberpolice start its work  january 2011 and is one of most active Online Law Enforcement.

On the eve of the anniversary of the revolution that overthrew the country’s monarchy and replaced it with an Islamic republic. At the same time nobody can even use banking websites in Iran because all of them using “Https” to encode the sensetive data .

As well as Yahoo, Gmail, Google and all sites that rely on the search giant’s API such as WolframAlpha. Sites such as , and are also apparently banned.

Iran’s cyberpolice say they have arrested four administrators of a Facebook group called “Daaf and Paaf,” which had launched an online beauty competition.The chief of the cyberpolice, Kamal Hadian, made the announcement on January 30 in a press conference in Tehran.
He said the force had “destroyed” the group, which he accused of spreading corruption and immorality.The cyberpolice also posted a note on the group's Facebook wall in which it said that the two women and two men who administered the page have confessed to their crimes.
“In the name of God, we inform you that the page 'Daaf and Paaf' is now under the control of [the cyberpolice]," the note said. "The four main managers of this group have been identified and arrested on the charge of inciting and encouraging individuals to access vulgar content through the Internet.”
Under the note by the cyberpolice, many users have left commentscondemning the move, sometimes using pejorative language.