Iran Cyberpolice arrests and charges in Yazd due to launch an Adult content site

Justice officials Yazd province arrested two people as publisher of a website with pornographic content and information by theCyberpolice (Fata) and security police in Yazd and sent his case to court is announced.

Judicial officials - have claimed that security "two of the factors that a web site to distribute or publish pornographic pictures (porn) action in Yazd were identified and arrested."
According to the identity of an individual under the "M - S" in the city Mehriz to set up a website and was published through this site porn movies and pictures from the police and security information Mehriz and feta police identified and arrested.
Also after his arrest and the confession of another person's identity, "or - k" are arrested.
This file is currently in Public Court Mehriz is being handled.
It is worth noting that the Tehran Revolutionary Court for a further two names Saeed Malekpour and Vahid Asghari, who was arrested on similar charges and were tried under Mzlyn case, had the death penalty and the other defendants, Hassan Syskhty to imprisonment has been sentenced to life imprisonment. They are currently in Evin Prison

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