Iran Cyber Defence conference 2012

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The first national conference on Cyber Defence in Iran today with The Information Technology Institute of Iran's University Jihad Organization and the Cyber Defence Organization at the Ministry of Interior's conference hall.

Gholamreza Jalaili in a press conference today at the First National Conference on "cyber defense" was held at the University Jihad reports that at present 38 countries have Cyber ​​Defense structure, and 140 countries formed to study the mechanism cyber defense work.

Cyber security is very important in world security due cyber treats,from 2002 to 2012 increase seriouslygrowth,Said Jalali.
He continued Cyberspace was for playing games and hobby while at present is danger to world securiy and treat of war is based on.

Cyber Defence in Iran is in Developing and with new Obama administration strategy of 5 january with topic of small military force and development of space army our cyberdefence has more responsibilities.

A new draft will presneted this year to Parliament for Civil cyberdefence law with about 100 topics reference to Islam,Security,and War.
He aknowledge from suprim learder of Iran Khameni that cybersecurity is very important and we makeing it domestic to bring this more closer to people with training in Software and Hardware defence developments.

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