Interview with Anonymous Austria

 At the interface between politics, technology, and provides provocative Anonymous Austria still making headlines. Reason enough for us, the activists - to ask again for their actions, plans and motives - about half a year after the last interview.

gulli: news: Let's start with something easy to get started. One of your trademarks are funny colorful ponies from the TV series "My Little Pony. Friendship is Magic How come you are all or mostly fans of the series, you want to express something specific, or are you just making a joke? ?

Anonymous Austria: That was actually a coincidence. Deface the original of had no pony. Someone has then draufgepackt and all so: "YAY" So yes, there are many Bronies [ie adult male fans of the series "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"] for us and therefore we have Rainbow Dash & Co as a mascot. Also we are at least 20% cooler.

gulli: news: How is your relationship, so that by Anonymous Austria, the rest of the collective Anonymous? Do you have much contact with other hacktivists? Do you plan joint actions, coordinates strategies? Identified with the collective ye? What do you think of the associated symbolism, such as the Guy Fawkes masks? What distinguishes you from other Anons?

Anonymous Austria: Someone has beautifully expressed the times: Anonymous is an idea and AnonAustria is the local implementation of it. Of course, we identify with the collective, keep in touch with each other and work together now and then and that we appear in public with a Guy Fawkes mask, of course by itself, but we adapt our activities and the special circumstances in Austria. Probably the biggest difference is that we try through our targeted work with the media, represent something more tangible and understandable Anonymous to the image of "evil hacker" finally get rid of. We are ordinary people who are committed to give to their particular way for certain things, and no "hackers on steroids". AnonAustria consists of people who just do not open the morning newspaper and get offended by the rest of the day about the abuses in our own country to stand up, but actively and express their displeasure.
gulli: news: Let's talk about serious topics. Yes you deal with the issue of hacktivism, that attacks on computer or server through which you want to achieve your goals. The course covers many different possible forms of attack such as defacements , DDOS attacks , or the interception of personal data that will be leaked. Often one hears that are necessary for at least a part of these actions almost no technical skills. Would you agree? What about using your technical skills, you are very likely fit in this area or just average, or is that completely different within the group?

Anonymous Austria: For DDoS attacks is required, in fact, not much technical know-how, and similar defacements in the methods of attack looks different depending on the target. Some systems are easy to crack, while you may be on other already hard nut to crack. How many of us have the ability to penetrate and manipulate these systems is difficult to say. There are no admission tests or something. However, there are few who take that risk, too. Many hacks or DDOS attacks also serve to simply to draw media attention to certain issues. Every newspaper reported, though a few minor official websites for five minutes can not be reached. This gives us immediately the hearing to discuss issues such as ACTA, even supplying a broad public discussion.

gulli: news: Many hackers and security experts complain about their opinion, very poor protection of critical systems, which makes possible attacks and compromised sensitive data. Often, for example, would not be playing important updates made ​​stupid mistakes when configuring the software or use weak passwords. As you can see the - the situation is so catastrophic?

Anonymous Austria: Yes and no. Major systems are quite well protected and if the admins are on the ball is cut too quickly once the connection. There are, however, a surprising number of rookie mistakes made. After the GIS Hack For example, the page just now back online, without worrying about what actually happened and where the gap is not (yet this one was already months earlier pointed out the lack of programming). Later there was even an outdated backup of the database (2007) freely available on the server.

gulli: news: Just a lot of people who deal with a lot of art are sometimes extremely skeptical of technology - in the hacker community that is often observed. What about you? Engage yourselves rather the possibilities of modern technology, or rather you see the risks, or possibly both true?

Anonymous Austria: One must always be estimated, the negative implications of new technologies bring with them. Meanwhile, one can indeed as wonderful with all kinds of networking services, but losing sight of the privacy and it is for everyone interested in an open book, consider a kaumt. Here it is to create an awareness that such innovations while simplifying some things, but can also lead to new problems.

gulli: news: hacktivism has indeed also a political component. Let's start at the most basic: how would you describe your philosophy of life? Is it possible to bring them at all to a common denominator, or meet up with you people with very different political and philosophical views?

Anonymous Austria: Even if we were like the assumption that we are very much geared to the left, this is exactly true any more than the claim that the_dude was a Nazi. There is no common line, but extreme tendencies can be found with us - neither left nor right.

gulli: news: You invested some much time and energy in your commitment for Anonymous Austria and is also an element of risk. What motivates you and what you want to achieve?

Anonymous Austria: The motivation is to be here in Austria Anonymous at each other, because there is no general motivation. For some, it is to be able to change the political landscape, something for others, the people in terms of data protection and Internet security educate. But no matter whether they are now than Hacktivist or as demonstrators as "Anonymous" sets in, the common drive means will probably be the idea that every individual has by Anonymous.

gulli: news: Hacktivism is yes for those who operate it, a means of political (co-) design. In recent years, this win extremely important. Do you think this will go on? What chance do you see with this approach?

Anonymous Austria: The success is manifested mainly in the media reports. This will be encouraged to think about the people and they begin to question the things that they otherwise would have simply accepted Sun Certain areas would be without action on our part, especially in the mainstream media probably mentioned only in passing or even go down completely.

gulli: news: Some of your actions, it is very possible that innocent bystanders get hurt, such as sensitive data from them to reach the public, or because they do not use valuable resources can sometimes. How do you feel about this? Regrets that? Would you say that the end justifies the means?

Anonymous Austria: The only bystanders who have been harmed, were Michael R. [the Viennese computer scientist who was raided by mistake by the police because they thought he was "the_dude"] and the activist, who was interrogated for hours. Both incidents are solely due to the inability of law enforcement.

gulli: news: Some people describe your actions - or the by Anonymous in general - as terrorism. What do you say?

Anonymous Austria: Here in Austria is a burning trash classified as left-wing extremist terrorism and animal rights activists from the process have to tell you probably no longer. According to this view, we are probably something like the enemies of the state No. 1 Such designations show only that "up there" are afraid of us and just know that slowly but surely the days are gone where they could make decisions over our heads in their favor. Dismiss our actions as terrorism is ludicrous: we put our best out to inform citizens to identify shortcomings and to secure basic rights. That such activities burp certain politicians who only work into their own pockets and not act according to the population, is probably not a surprise.

gulli: news: Anonymous Austria is committed to even more against data retention, which in Austria is currently a major political issue. Why do you reject this security measure?

Anonymous Austria: Data retention is not a security measure - its effectiveness has been repeatedly disproved. This is just another tool that is used to monitor and control the people.

gulli: news: What are your preferred forms of action in this engagement? Is the impression that their case relies more on legal and civic resources such as paper Storms and information campaigns? If so, why?
Anonymous Austria: The "kick off" our anti-VDS campaign was the police leak. After that, we have taken the protest to the first paper on the Storm road and whether the positive response were very pleased and surprised a bit that this action was so well received. We have been inundated with requests, when will take place the next time something like and how you as can, etc. It also allows the leaflets and direct communication to convey the message better and to reach some people who are not so much with the internet and the news . deal

gulli: news: How does the population of your commitment? What have the people for a picture of Anonymous, and change this through your actions against data retention? Can you reach people?

Anonymous Austria: We can certainly encourage people to think. An elderly couple in Vienna was as outraged as they were told by a teenager with a Guy Fawkes mask, which means VDS and that this becomes a reality soon. Previously the two had not notice anything because those issues are in the old media simply disregarded. The comments on various news websites, you can also see a very positive attitude of people towards us. Every now and then of course there are criticisms and suggestions for improvement, but by and large most of our actions seem to advocate. While the ACTA protests we had contact with some politicians and also got the side of mostly positive feedback.

gulli: news: It could be heard several times that you would get amplified because of your political commitment to this issue problems with the police. Would you still say that this is a problem? Where do you see the reasons for that?

Anonymous Austria: After we had taken the planned actions of the police even before the first public paper Storm, they were mainly confined to observations, but also included some personal details. At this point one could now explain various conspiracy theories and also give instructions for building Aluhüten, but to put it briefly: Big Brother is watching you! The reasons are obvious: you step out of line and is not just a simple consumer, but a thinking individual to suppress is not so simple and can be patronizing.

gulli: news: How do you deal with this problem? Protects ye better or differently? Are you afraid? Were there cases where Anons have ended their engagement because of the risk or restricted?

Anonymous Austria: As far as the paper Stormer: These are informed by us of possible consequences and their rights. We assume that everyone knows what he's doing. Those who devote themselves more to "hacktivism" to know, anyway, as they have to behave. So far, nobody has pulled out of fear of the police and it does not look in the future.

gulli: news: Is there anything else that would like to tell our readers?

Anonymous Austria: For the "famous last words" It is too soon, but until then: Love and Tolerance

gulli: news: Thank you for the interview.

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