India Ordered CyberWarfare equipment totalling $3.4 million

Indian government ordered electronical warfare equipment and TCS (Tactical Communication Systems) to Ultra Electronics group based in Ottawa, Canada.

The system will be delivered to the Defence Avionics Research Establishment (DARE) in Bangalore, India. Ultra TCS will supply a shelter-based, mobile simulator system including an integrated antenna array and UltraEAGLE 0.5 - 40 GHZ ELINT receiver.

The complete system will be used in a test environment to evaluate aircraft EW radar capability and provide an opportunity for pilots to assess the equipment's functionality, specifically the effectiveness of countermeasure techniques.

Security and cyber:Ultra provides highly differentiated systems and capabilities to the broad security, intelligence and cyber market. Driven by the actions of rogue states, terrorist groups and organised crime, governments worldwide are focusing expenditure preferentially on addressing these threats.

Ultra has highly specialised capabilities in secure communications, networks and high-grade cryptographic equipment, key management systems and surveillance and intelligence gathering systems.

The EW system will be integrated in Ultra TCS' Ottawa facility and then shipped to the DARE facility in Bangalore in the latter part of 2013. 

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