Hotmail Reset Password Bug V2

This video is all about Hotmail Password Reset Vulnerability.Critical 0-Day in Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo allows changing passwords Vulnerability. In this video you can see how to reset hotmail password using Firefox Tamper. Interesting video have a look :)

We reported a serious 0-day vulnerability in Hotmail, allowing users to change the password legitimate mail without any Logeo, password or secret answer questions, only needed the famous Tamper Data add-on and change parameters in the HTTP requests in real time. This allowed many "hackers" (legitimate users) resetearan many accounts passwords of legitimate users. Once the password was "restored", you could access the account simply to leave the new password and no access to the real user account. As if not enough, today reported another unknown hacker other similar vulnerabilities in Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL. Also made use of Tamper Data to change parameters in HTTP requests and reset the password successfully. This is one of the most critical vulnerability that affected these 3 companies (Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo) and in passing leaves millions of users affected. A Microsoft spokesman confirmed the existence of the security flaw and also the score, but gave no details, just said their users "are protected."

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