Hacking team Digital Corruption uses old @TeamDigi7al leaks to gain publicity

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Yesterday I posted a article about the hacking team Digital Corruption and that they targeted the US NAVY, DHS and AT&T. 

During the day I got a message from S1ingularity claiming that the leaked files were old and that the initial hacks were done by the hacking group TeamDigi7al. 

Read the message from the group TeamDigi7al about the DHS, AT&T and NAVY leaks here. 

So last month around the middle of May a team member known as 7hor had discovered vulnerabilities in subdomains of the US Navy, DHS, and AT&T.

The printscreen (below) links show screenshots of the dumps, the date whenthey were last modified, and a screencap of the tweet to go along with it.

Most of these were released with very little attention, which is why my team and I think that Digital Corruption attempted to pull it off that they hacked DHS, and the Navy. However it's worth noting we hacked, dumped, and articles were mentioned weeks, and even nearly a month before Digital Corruption announced their "hacks."

We, well specifically 7hor was notified by Eduard Kovacs over at sofpedia about Digital Corruption, which lead us to realize what was going. After a brief investigation by members

of Team Digi7al, we had concluded that the hacks Digital Corruption were portraying as theirs, were actually done by 7hor.

You may ask us how we know this? VERY simple:

If you look at the AT&T dump from 7hor and from Digital Corruption, they are 100% the same. The layout

of the tables and columsn, the general information. And even the phone numbers leaked, as well as other

data that was obtained.  Word, for word the same, except for twitter info, and random shit like that.

Now if you direct your attention to the DHS dump, you will see their dump contained no information, aside from database, tables, and columns. But wait, so did ours? Coincidence?

Not a chance. The reason is that while we were dumping, and well before we could aquire information, DHS had closed the vuln. The only vuln 7hor was able to find. So if this hack was really theirs, why didn't they include full information? Because

it wasn't, they stole our hack(s).

The same goes for the Navy dump, same information, same subdomain. The answer is obvious, they stole it.

It is also worth noting that formerly Vap0r, or by his twitter name,Vap0rizer was on our team, until he pulled some really wack shit that will not be discussed. He was the one

who gave the hacks to his team Digital Corruption. Don't believe us? Look at these two screenshots, one of which includes bw0mp apologizing.


The rest is obvious, so moral of the story:

Digital Corruption are fakers, and phonies. They steal other people's hacks, and portray it as theirs.

This is disgusting, 7hor worked long and hard, with many long nights to find the vulns, and exploit them. Because of this, Digital Corruption will now be looked upon as fakers and

phonies. How can you trust that what they hack, they really hack? They are unable to be trusted now.


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