Hackers target TicketWeb customers in email database hack

Online ticketing firm Ticketmaster has admitted that its subsidiary TicketWeb was the victim of a security breach last week after hackers managed to access its marketing system and email customers on multiple occasions attempting to send them to a malicious link.

Customers received up to four emails purporting to be from the firm telling them to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat (see below) but the firm warned customers to delete the emails and not to click on any links contained within them.
Ticketweb Fake Adobe Email
The firm confirmed the incident's occurrence on its Facebook page but moved to reassure customers that no financial details were accessed during the attack.
"We have discovered that our TicketWeb UK direct email marketing system was exposed to unauthorised access. As a result, you may have received up to four emails today from an unauthorised party," it said.
"We have taken immediate action to close the vulnerability. You can rest assured that none of your credit card information was vulnerable during this attack. We are continuing to investigate this unauthorised access."
Concerned users asked the firm what the consequences of clicking on the link would be on the Facebook post to which the firm replied that it would be sending out more information in due course.
The incident will no doubt cause concern for other firms that distribute marketing messages to customers as issues around website security continue to impact on businesses IT requirements.

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