The hackers claimed to be with AntiSec, take down LCSO site

 Hackers claim they have stolen 40 gigabytes worth of files from Lake County Sheriff's Office in an attack that shut down the department's Internet as well as its email capabilities for the past few days.

According to an online article published on, the hackers claimed to have leaked login credentials, communication codes, manuals and official bulletins from the U.S. Department of Justice.

One of the hackers who participated in the attack on Friday told Softpedia that out of the 40 gigabytes of stolen data, around 35 gigabytes represented forensic software and other applications used by law enforcement agencies.

The other 5 gigabytes, which were dumped, are made up of reports that detail LCSO operations such as Op Inmate Intelligence Gathering, Softpedia said.

The files also included corporate security IPDR reports from Sprint Nextel, which demonstrate how the telecom hands over private information to authorities.

"More evidence that the illegitimate justice system protects their own, who get away with rampant corruption and theft, while the police apply unconstitutional profiling and pressure in their efforts to raise their arrest quotas and keep homeland security money rolling in," the hacktivists are reported as saying.

The hackers claimed to be with AntiSec, a group affiliated with Anonymous, which has hacked various corporate and government websites.

Lt. John Herrell, sheriff's spokesman, said Tuesday he could not elaborate on details of the hacking or confirm if any files have been stolen, adding the FBI is now leading the investigation.
"I can just say there was an unauthorized intrusion and the system was breached," Herrell said.

He added that at no time did the intrusion affect the sheriff's office capability to handle emergencies.

The department's 700-plus employees, including deputies in patrol cars with laptops, have since been able to access their emails, Herrell said.

The department's public web site which provides contact numbers, information on its various bureaus and press releases on crimes should be up within a day or two with limited information, he added.

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