Hacker 0xOmar: Secret data leaked from Virtual Israeli Air Force Schools

The hacker 0xOmar targeted the Virtual Israeli Air Force websites. In total the hacker attacked 4 websites. 0xOmar published his gathered information on pastebin. You can find 0xOmar his website here. 

0xOmar has targeted multiple websites before. You can see the list of 0xOmar pastebins at the bottem of the page. 

This is from the pastebin file

Israeli air attacks on Gaza killed seven more people on Monday, taking the death toll to 25 in hostilities that erupted on Friday, Palestinian medical sources said.

Eighteen of the Palestinians killed since Friday were identified by medical officials as fighters and five as civilians.
At least 74 Palestinians, mostly civilians have been wounded.
Medics also reported six air raids in the early hours of Monday that injured 35 people, and another two raids around the city of Khan Younis, which left two dead and two others wounded.
Medics said another strike killed a 15-year-old boy and injured six other students near a school in northern Gaza.
0xOmar targeted the following sites:
  1. (Virtual Israeli Air Force) 
  2. (Virtual Flight School)
  3. (Israeli Division of International Virtual Aviation Organization)
  4. (Shhakkim Israeli airways)
0xOmar published the download files on the following links:
By 0xOmar
om_0x AT yahoo DOT com

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