Greek Ministry of Finance ,Citizens Bank Hacked by Anonymous

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A group of hackers have gained access to servers on the website of the Greek Ministry of Finance and hacked citizens' bank data to protest the new tax avoidance plan announced by the Government, as reported by the Greek authorities.

The third attack is perpetrated by hackers against government websites since last February, coinciding with the growing social unrest caused by the cuts implemented by the Executive to secure aid from the International Monetary Fund and the European Union to help you avoid bankruptcy.

"For them, only economic indicators, government deficit and balance documents there are no indicators on poverty ', proclaimed the group of hackers in the statement he released on the website attacked as reported by the police.

Police estimated that the group has hacked the server data page of the Greek Ministry of Finance is linked to the Anonymous group, responsible for similar attacks in recent months.

The computer attack has been response hackers the government's plan to reduce tax evasion in the country, including research data mortgage, phone bills and credit cards in order to check whether citizens have higher expenses than the income declared.

The Auditor General Greek, the agency of the Greek Ministry of Finance is responsible for monitoring expenditures, is now assessing the magnitude of the attack suffered by the government website.

Police said three other university Web sites have also been attacked. The attack came after the new data system Greek Ministry of Health, an instrument to try to control health costs, received 1.5 million prescriptions false health , causing its collapse for hours. 'I do not think it's just a matter of some guys joking', said Health Minister, Andreas Loverdos.

"These are people who do not want anything to change ', he concluded.

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