Google vs China: Operation Aurora

Wikileaks has put up a new light on the confrontation between Google and the Chinese government.

Google refused to cooperate any longer to the Chinese censorship laws and brought the search engine back to Hong Kong. The cyber conflict shows that cyberspace is not a free man’s world.

The national cyber borders are lifted, trade wars are fought and even “kill switches” occur. With the increasing threat of cyberspace related issues the world will need a cyberwarzone portal.

The internet is a great resource for unfiltered information.

The Operation Aurora – Cyber conflict research group on LinkedIn has over 1800 people that are interested in the developments on the Aurora event and with keeping a close watch to the Cyberspace centric information group on LinkedIn the exchange of information on cyberspace related issues will only go faster.

As we know in the NATO event on cyber warfare we discussed the fact that there is no transparency on the internet.

The Dutch television channel VPRO made a documentary on the Aurora conflict. You can watch the documentary here.