German police searched homes of more than 100 alleged cyber-attackers of anonymous action.

 Frankfurt ( hf ) - On Tuesday, officials of the Federal Criminal Police Office conducted 106 raids nationwide. The raid is part of the investigation into a hacker attack last year. On 17 December had called the cyber-collective Anonymous to a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) on the side of the GEMA. The aim was to put the lame website.

For this, the anonymous activists had to link to a page containing a script that launched itself by calling the page. If you clicked on the link, made his computer so automatically become part of a botnet, which the server attempted to sabotage GEMA.

Script automatically launched

Whether this fact justifies searches by police officers is at least doubtful. Especially as the activists only a slowing of the page had been reached. The measures also probably only met fellow travelers.The fact that the mastermind of the action could be determined is not known.

Fines and prison sentences

The IP addresses, the police have now determined the circle of suspects. The computers of those affected, including accessories such as modems and routers, as well as smart phones and documents were seized with passwords. At the risk of failure within the computer sabotage, according to the Criminal Code fines to several years imprisonment.

Youtube vs. GEMA

Among the victims - mostly teenagers and young adults - were apparently innocent bystanders, such as Spiegel Online reported.Meanwhile tweeted Anonymous behavior clues as to what you can do about the house searches. The attack in December was a response to the continuing disagreement between GEMA and youtoube: Many music videos are suspended for German Internet users.