FREE MMORPG: A haven for cyber terrorists and cybercriminals

The best place for a criminal or terrorist is to hit the online world. In this article we take a look at the haven that free MMORPG provide to evil characters.

Free MMORPG like Silkroad Online depend on the game community. They provide an online store where players can buy premium items. In the world of Silkroad Online there is an in game market, you can trade, sell and exchange items including premium items.
If you want to purchase a premium item in the official market you will have to pay with any type of paying method (iDeal, Paypal etc). A lot of the free MMORPG players don’t have the amount of money to pay for a premium item. These players try the in game market.
Once you log in at a Silkroad Online server, the chance that you will get “The server is full – Server traffic” is high or you have to buy a premium ticket so you can enter the server in one attempt.
Most of these players are willing to pay for in game gold; by the use of in game gold you can buy items and premium items that players provide to the in game market. These items cost around 100million gold items (~ 2 euro).
Silkroad Online: Free massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) created by the South Korean company Joymax, and was released for open beta testing on November 11, 2005. Much of the background of the game is based on the historical Silk Road. Unique from other MMORPGs, the game is centered on a triangular system of trading goods.
In the game there are gold bots active that collect gold and sell gold trough external websites. In game they keep spamming messages to their websites.
Here you can see the gold bots farming for gold. The series start with “KXXXXX”. All of the servers are filled with these kinds of gold bots.
A lot of people that actually take part in buying gold from external websites get hacked. They leave their e-mail credentials, in game account credentials and their payment credentials.
Here you see a gold bot that advertises for the website that sells external in game gold to the Silkroad players in the Maya Silkroad Server.
For terrorists online games in an haven because they can chat and influence players to join their “goals”. A lot of players that play these games invest a lot of time in the game and are from the age 13 – 20. The people between the ages of 13 – 20 are very influential, a terrorist could use a “premium” item to gather people, and he could put them in Guilds (In game teams) that provide place to 50 players or more. 
From that point they can start their propaganda to let the players join their cause.
Players that are a little bit technical can install a free bot and use it for anything that they want.
Here you see a free Silkroad Online bot called iBot. It is the #1 free bot used in Silkroad Online.
The problem with free mmorpg is that the most of the time they are not monitored.
And that’s why I believe that it is a haven for criminals and terrorists.