Espionage: Russian spy Anna Chapman came 'close' to seducing a member of Obama's cabinet

WASHINGTON — Sexy red-headed Russian spy Anna Chapman came close to bedding a member of President Obama's cabinet, according to a top US intelligence official.

In a new documentary, FBI counter-intelligence chief Frank Figliuzzi claimed Chapman got close enough to enacting the plot, London's Daily Mail reported today.
"We were becoming very concerned,' he said. "They were getting close enough to a sitting US cabinet member that we thought we could no longer allow this to continue."
The cabinet member was not named.
Figliuzzi said the fear was that Chapman was close to seducing a sitting member of the Obama administration, prompting the FBI to arrest 10 people connected to the spy ring in June 2010.

Figliuzzi told the BBC documentary. which aired in Britain on Monday night, that Chapman got "closer and closer to higher and higher ranking leadership ... she got close enough to disturb us."

Following her arrest, Chapman was deported back to Russia.
Last week, Chapman stomped down the runway during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, channeling Scarlett Johansson's look from the upcoming movie "The Avengers."
Chapman walked for the second year in a row at the Moscow Fashion Week, getting a round of applause as she modeled clothes for French label I Love Fashion.
Chapman wore a pair of sleek black pants and slim-fitting black leather jacket. With her pouty expression and her auburn hair curled into ringlets, Chapman looked almost identical to Johansson as The Black Widow.
Chapman has also not shed here tough-gal image.
While modeling for designers Ilya Shiyan and Yana Rudkovskaya last year, Chapman carried a gun, which she dramatically held to the throat of a male model.