Dutch National Institute for Public Health Virus Infected

 At the RIVM is Wednesday August 8 this year found a computer virus, which was not discovered by the mainstream virus scanners. As a large organization with over 1500 employees, the RIVM has large quantities of files that are stored on different network drives. The RIVM has the problem now under control, with the aftercare phase still require attention. Only a very limited number of internal files are infected by computer virus. The website is not infected with the virus and can still be visited.

The computer virus is detected on two PCs, which are immediately closed. This is the source of the infection isolated. The RIVM employees could continue working today. However, they were asked to take preventive measures by no stranger to visit websites, files not opening when the extension is unknown and the PC to shut down after use. They receive regular updates on the situation.

Although unlikely, it is recommended as a preventive measure to the RIVM e-mail from the RIVM with files ending in. Scr not open, but to throw away. It addresses only the mail that is received on Wednesday, August 8 this year

 In consultation with the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) is examined how the virus has arrived. Meanwhile detect the virus current computer virus is. It is very likely that a relationship with the viruses that various municipalities and organizations since last few days to endure.