Dutch Justice Department looks Illegal in foreign computers

In the investigation of cyber criminals violates the Dutch investigators sometimes the sovereignty of other countries by cracking the  foreign computers.

This is forbidden, but in the detection of cyber crime are sometimes unavoidable, says Louis van Zwieten, Dutch officer for cybercrime and interception.

The law according him comes  short when it comes to the online hunt for pedophiles for example. The digital world is boundless, but many law on land limits.

"While we investigate and for  request permission to foreign bodies, is a cyber criminal with the push of a button on the other side of the world," says Van Zwieten.

Criminals perform increasingly anonymous trading through hidden channels on the Internet. And existing child pornography is not only faster around the world, but has also led to an increase in child abuse, says Wilbert Paulissen, head of the National Crime Squad.

Robert M. During the investigation of contacts of Robert M., on Monday instituted for the abuse of dozens of children, met with investigators on hidden sites full of child pornography.

Also during the investigation of the Bredolab network, when cybercriminals worldwide 30 million computers with a malicious virus infect cracked investigators computers abroad. Paulissen pleads for more specific legal frameworks for online detection.

The legislation needs to be 'the speed of these developments can keep up, otherwise we are constantly and investigative services back to hunt.

" According to Officer Van Zwieten run internationally all law enforcement agencies encounter the same problems and everyone 'with a new pair of glasses to existing rules to learn watching. For judges cybercrime, according to him relatively unknown. "

They think sometimes when a cybercriminal: that is a 16-year-old pimple koppie with computers that run around in circles.

But sometimes that freckle-faced deserves much more than the CEO of a national bank. "

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