Dutch Cyberpolice Arrested 17 year old boy suspected of hacking KPN and KAIST

The High Tech Crime Team of the National Crime Squad in Barendrecht city close To Rotterdam  arrested 17 year old boy who is suspected of hacking into KPN(The leading telecommunications and ICT service provider in The Netherlands) on 16 January 2012. The boy was arrested last Tuesday at home when he was online on the Internet.Dutch National Office Press Release 

The investigators of the National Police (National Police Agency) has seized an encrypted computer, two laptops and data carriers, such as external hard drives, USB sticks and DVDs.

The computer system of KPN is probably hacked because there was a vulnerability. The hacker gained a few hundred servers the highest access rights. These servers were used for internet services and storage of (customer) information.

Hacking tools

The computer system was damaged, because malicious software was placed. The normal security KPN became circumvented. To eliminate the threat had a large number of KPN systems are cleaned and reinstalled. According to the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) national security was not compromised.

As a precaution, KPN on Friday, February 10 e-mail traffic for approximately 2 million customers temporarily closed. This happened after a hacker customer data published by KPN. However, these data were not submitted by KPN, but a website where customers email KPN had left behind.


The arrested boy, on the Internet used the aliases "xS", "Yoshioka" and "Yui" would in a chat channel against students from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have bragged about the burglary at KPN. The cyber crime investigators from the National Crime Squad followed weeks of traces on the Internet.

The boy also penetrated the computers of the Tokohu University in Japan, the University of Trondheim in Norway and the KAIST in Korea. He has a website probably where he  tarde details of stolen credit cards and othe informations.

In the study by the High Tech Crime Team worked closely with foreign law enforcement agencies, including the Cyber ​​Terror Response Center of the Korean National Police and the Australian Federal Police. In Australia last week arrested a 16-year-old hacker, who was in contact with the Dutch suspect.


The boy from Barendrecht was Friday by the magistrate in Rotterdam for two weeks in custody. He is assisted by a lawyer and has been visited by the Child Council . His arrest was kept quiet because of the interests of the investigation.