Dutch bridges vulnerable to hackers

The digital security locks, pumping stations, sewage pumps and even bridges in the Netherlands shows severely lacking.

In the report the TV program showed how bad the sewer pumps and pumping of the municipality of Veere are protected.

"With a few simple actions they are to operate from a home computer," says the TV program Een Vandaag.

Despite warnings from experts and also the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism (NCTB), there is little to the safety done.

According to security experts of Institute NIKHEF and knowledge organization TNO are much more SCADA systems in the Netherlands vulnerable, ranging from parking garages and heating to complete bridges and locks.

Through various search engines to find hundreds of Dutch systems that are vulnerable. In some cases, protected with a default password, in other cases there is even no password needed in the equipment to penetrate.

Under Running security specialist Oscar Koeroo, who works at the National Institute for Subatomic Physics (NIKHEF) is shocked the situation in Veere.

"The machines are exposed to the Internet. There is no security that allows only the administrator can access." That the systems are easy to hack also allows expert Eric Luiijf SCADA, SCADA expert.

He warned since 2001 for the poor security of these important systems "You do not smart to be, that's the dangerous one." Peter van Rooij, an expert in the field of water resources, warns that the Netherlands even under might walk.

This suggests that the danger Luiijf not even have to come from hackers.

"The hacker, however, who still thinks about what damage he make. The first best 13-year-old who comes in pumps and expansion caused considerable damage."

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