Download: Leak Sensor - Pastebin data leakage detection

Its purpose is to monitor Pastebin for sensitive, personal identification information (PII).Pastebin is a popular platform where hackers anonymously expose stolen information.

The user decides what sensitive data should never be compromised out in the public and 
configures Leak Sensor accordingly. Immediate alerts are popped-up once a leak has been detected. 

This tool is pertinent in today's cyber war and daily data exposure by hacktivists and cyber criminals.

Hybrid Security -

As we all know, the cyber war is escalating. Hackers use Trojans and website penetrations to gain access to sensitive data. This includes email addresses, social security numbers, passwords and much more. The hacktivism movements such as Anonymous exploit Pastebin as a platform for anonymous data publishing.
They use it as a "hall of shame" to embarrass large corporations and governments, while the majority of the innocent public is usually unaware of their personal details being exposed. Being a socially aware company, Hybrid Security has decided to release free software that is able to detect personal identification information leaked onto Pastebin.

How does Leak Sensor work?

Leak Sensor saves the sensitive details, entered by the user, safe and encrypted. This data never leaves the personal computer in outgoing traffic. Once in a few (user-configurable) minutes, Leak Sensor runs a quick check on Pastebin in order to verify whether the sensitive data has been exposed publically.
Each detail entered by the user is assigned a label. For example: you enter your email address and name is "Email". Leak Sensor runs in the background (you'll find a small icon at bottom right of the system tray). In case data leakage has been detected, an alert appears above the system tray icon, detailing which piece of data has been compromised.
Is it not dangerous to put all the eggs in one basket?

Hybrid Security has utilized the most advanced measures available today, in order to protect the personal data as following: 
  1. Data is saved encrypted using AES-256, and is non-readable by unauthorized people

  2. Data is protected by a password that must be entered upon each execution of Leak Sensor
  3. The password itself is saved as a hash value. Therefore, if compromised, there is no way of deciphering it

  4. When resetting the password, all sensitive data is destroyed automatically – just like in Mission Impossible

Personal details never leave the safety of your personal computer and are accessible only to the secret password owner

Where can I download Leak Sensor?


or download now.



How do I install Leak Sensor? 

You simply run the installer file and choose a target directory for the installation. A "Hybrid Security" program directory group is created under the Start Menu, where Leak Sensor may be found.
The rest of the instructions are to be found on the included user manual within the zip file.
Hope this helps you keep you data safer. And as always, remember:
Just cuz you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not really after ya ;-)



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