DigiNotar: Death cases in Iran by Diginotarhack

According to the Dutch news website the Diginotarhack evolved in the death of people in Iran. Mikko Hypponen a topman at F-Secure thinks that the DigiNotarhack is a reason to kill dissidents. 

It is certain that there are deaths in Iran he claimed. The DigiNotarhack gave the government acces to stop people that want to walk against the wind.

He told that the Diginotar hack could have been minimized if the hack was made public by the company. They kept the information hidden for weeks. 

Mikko Hypponen says that he has no evidence of his claims.


Bewijs heeft de expert echter niet omdat de Iraanse overheid erg gesloten is. Volgens hem is het echter zeker dat dit gebeurd is omdat het achterhalen van tegenstanders van het regime het hoofddoel van de aanval zou zijn geweest.



LONDON - As a result of the hack at Diginotar in Iran undoubtedly killed. This suggests Mikko Hyppönen, chief executive of security firm F-Secure, compared

Hyppönen was also involved in the uncovering of the hack in company Diginotar certificates.

"After a post on a Google forum from Iran, I dived in it and came to light that had been hacked Diginotar" says Hyppönen. In Iran, who thought visitors to log into Gmail redirected to another site not to be trusted.


The hack was done by order of the government. Networks of universities were also cracked. In this way the opposition leaders in Iran to press the head.




"It is certain that there are deaths in Iran. So going to be there with dissidents who are killed. By the hack to Diginotar the government could easily find out what people are walking around with the ideas and where such persons were, "the security expert.

Evidence, the expert can not because the Iranian government is very closed. According to him it is certain that this happened because the trace of the main opponents of the regime of the attack would have been.

Thus the government of Iran in June 2011 by international authorities accused of killing dissidents Hoda Saber and Haleh Sahabi. Saber was in prison in Iran for his journalistic activities and Sahabi was an activist who stood up for women's rights and supported the opposition.She died under suspicious circumstances. Including the United States demanded clarification, but has never received.




According to the hack Diginotar Hyppönen was not so fatal hoof deal, even for the company, now bankrupt. "Diginotar kept the secret hacking weeks. That has been fatal. A similar hack at Comodo have been made public immediately and that company still exists. "

DigiNotar is a business license. This means that issues certificates for Web sites that the origin of that website (ie has come from Google) is guaranteed. After the hacker could break any certificates which create browsers thought pages were confident while such personal information was stolen.



The Dutch government also used Diginotar and said a few days after the leak was known confidence in the company. The House is expected to have a debate on Thursday night Diginotar.