Cyberwarriors Wanted

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Cyberspace is considered a new domain by governments and needs of offensive and defensive protections the same as air, land, sea and space.

How to do a better job protecting military and commercial cyberspace?

Cyberwarriors with white hats is the answer,hackers to pen teste and find vulnerabilities in homeland cyberdefence and enemy cyberspace.

There's "a shortage of sophisticated hackers to fill the cybersecurity gap." DARPA announced the DOD research wing was ready and willing to pay hackers to help block cyber threats.

DARPA seeks the elite of the cyber community visionary hackers, academics and professionals from small and large businesses to change the dynamic of cyber defense

Other countries like Iran,Israel.China,UK Australia recruting hackers and cyberwarriors to build thier Cyberarmy.

The year 2012 will see cybeattacks with even more persistency and sophistication,software like Duqu and Stuxnet alike are freely on internet to target industrial and defence systems of countries,some warns cyberattacks are act of war.

The first Cyber war began with Israeli's attacks on IranIran's nuclear facilities.


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