Cyberwarriors: Armed and ready for the assault

 The world is engaged in Information Security warfare. Sony being targeted by Lulzsec. The hunt on the Lulzsec team by the FBI.

The National Informatics Centre (NIC INDIA) got hacked by Anonymous (India). The world is definitely in some kind of warfare about knowledge, strength and honor. You can see that every modern government is increasing their Cyber Security budget and creating agendas for cyberspace related issues.
Play this song when reading the article. It is EPIC.


You saw that Turkish websites were targeted by Anonymous because of the government censorship. Fake Cyber Security firms getting caught by the information security networks.
And this is all just in the last couple of months. I believe that there will grow a new market for Cyber Security Experts that they will have to be up to date with Intelligence, Security, Agenda's and much more. I'm talking about Cyberwarriors and Cyberdefenders (Oelala i love Cyber). 
The Cyber Security community will also have to pay more attention on Social Engineering security and awareness programs. Because the human link will always stay the weakest link. 



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