Cyberwarfare video: Is the Middle East on the verge of cyber war?

In a new front to the decades-long conflict, cyber attacks are taking place between Israeli and Saudi hackers. Guests: Nikki Moore, expert on internet security; Dave Clemente researcher at Chatham House; Abdullah Schleifer, a professor of journalism.

After few hours, Amir Fedida, an Israeli blogger uncovered the identity of the Saudi hacker 0xOmar who leaked the personal details of Israeli, Saudi hacker denying them as “another failure of Israeli” According to Ynet news report, Amir Phadida find the identity of 0x0mar as being a 19-year-old café employee from Mexico using Doxing method. “Using this email address and some spare time, I embarked on an eight-hour journey and at the end I managed to reveal the identity of the hacker by collecting information that was scattered all over the internet, piece by piece – like a puzzle,” Phadida wrote.

Furthermore, Israeli card monitoring services found a third file released by 0xOmar which contained a Trojan horse “If a stupid student thinks he can find me (within) 8 hours of work, what will Mossad do? But I’m still here and no one can find me, make sure, no worries, I’m waiting” Hacker told Israel’s Ynet in an email.

Saudi Hacker “0xOmar” post a reply in pastebin with the following challenge:

“From here, I challenge the world to find me, let’s the game begin. You have 2 weeks. If I come back and post another message after 2 weeks, simply you failed and I won the game.”

“P.S. I don’t have third file and I don’t publish viruses,” he added.



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